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A case of founder due to onicmycosis of a right fore

A case of keratoma and it's treatment

A Digital Extension Device for extension test in lameness examinations


Beyond the heartbar: current frog and sole support techniques.


Dorsal Break-over; an Overview


Farrriery, Art Or Science.

Farriery in the treatment of flexor deformities and angular limb deviations in the foal

Foal Development: Angular and Rotational Deformities Around the Fetlock

Full rolling motion shoes in equine podiatry.


Hoof care for laminitis and founder (newer version)

Hoof care for laminitis and founder.

Hoof Care of Foals. Promoting correct conformation for the future equine athlete.

Hoof deformation in the vertical sense, consequences and management

Hospital plates  Bruises, abscesses and canker.

How to put a hoof cast on a horse with acute laminitis

How to Use a Digital Extension Device in Lameness Examinations


If the shoe fits; Preventive shoeing for different equestrian disciplines


New strategies for treating club foot.

New strategies for treating club foot from foal to adult.

Nutrition For Healthy Hooves


Orthopedic shoeing techniques in the prevention and treatment of tendon and articular pathology.


Pathogenesis and treatment of spontaneous quarter cracks - quantifying vertical mobility of the hoof capsule at the heels

Podiatric strategies in the management of laminitis, acute to chronic cases.


Shock absorbing shoeing techniques

Shoeing for palmar hoof pain

Shoeing for palmar pain

Shoeing Laminitis cases: Choosing the appropriate point of break over of the shoe and palmar angle of the distal phalanx.

Shoeing or Barefoot for a horse with a navicular syndrom ?

Shoeing the hind limb for performance and therapy

Sole and frog support systems

Special and Therapeutic Shoeing, a Rational Approach

Shoeing with the heart and the head, appropriate uses of the heart-bar shoe, including hoof wounds.


The Acute Laminitic Patient: Biomechanical Treatment Options

The Adult Performer: Trimming and Shoeing in the Sagital Plane

The Basics of Farriery as a Prelude to Therapeutic Farriery

The Foot of the donkey

The influence of shoeing on the swing phase of the horse’s limb; what do we suspect, what can we find out.

Trimming and Shoeing in the Frontal and Horizontal Planes. 

The use of the Digital Extension device in hind limbs

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